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We create beautiful websites. Websites that can showcase your business and organization. They are modern, responsive and can include everything you like. We will support your site and make sure that it will be always online. To support your business, we can also include a catalog of your products and services. Just select your domain and website type and we will do the rest. From one-page landing sites to larger online projects.

You can include variety of assets such as texts, images forms...and you can add as many pages as you like. Your website can be one page with its content being structured on one page and a navigation that goes through the whole page ore a multiple-page site for each section. It really doesn't matter. To help you make your desired website, we can also provide you with free stock photos and icons. If you don't know anything about hosting and domains, we will assist you with all services that are required for your website to run smoothly and securely.

Responsive static websites, really fast.

Our websites are static and this has many benefits. Because all websites are designed offline and not by using Content Management Systems, they are secure and not a single problem or breach can lead t data loss. Furthermore, they are cheaper, because they don't require modifying CMS system. The biggest benefit is that they provide more freedom to the designer as they provide directly designing websites without limitations.

to help you reach your customers on PC and mobile, all websites are made responsible so that they resize smoothly and quickly adapt to the screen size. They include different navigations for different devices in order to allow your visitors to easily go through the pages. All elements of the site are optimized depending on the width of the screen and change as soon as you resize the screen.











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Here is how it works:






Make a request




Fill the form and tell us is your idea for the website. How it is called, how many pages it should contain,  do you need  a template or a completely new design. This is going to give us a basic knowledge of your desired site. After that enter your personal details so that we can contact you and proceed to the next step.






We will discuss it




We will contact you by phone or by Skype/Facebook so that we can agree on a deal about how the website is going to look, what elements should it contain and are there any special things we need to know.










After having received all the information, we will start designing your site. The amount of time needed depends on your site. We will get the domain and hosting for you and you will able to see your website while we're designing it. When the website is done, you will be prompted to send money for it.
























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